Aboriginal and TSI Design

The Binna Binna Man

Written by Meme McDonald & Boori Monty Pryor

'The Binna Binna man is a big fulla and he stinks like a goat. He can be good and heal  you, but if you poke fun at him or go to touch him then you can get into big trouble, like die.'

In Binna Binna country you should watch where you go, even on a night when life is so stuffed up that nothing matters any more. You go wandering too far and you might come face to face with your worst nightmare - the Binna Binna man.

Filled with laughter and affection, this is the powerful story of  aboy who is learning that if you forget where you come from you get weak.To stay strong you must listen to the old people with your eyes and your ears - and your heart.

Paperback, 96 Pages.