Aboriginal and TSI Design

The Sand Symbols

Written by Nola Turner-Jensen

Illustrated by Ms Carmel Skelton

Sarah Gibson sat in her faded but comfortable old chair and looked fondly down at her 6 beautiful grandchildren seated on the ground in front of her.

Sarah could see they were all very curious and itching to know why she had a long, pointy stick and a large pile of sand near her feet.

The children all waited eagerly for Sarah to take them on a cultural journey with one of her beautiful stories...

About the Author

Nola Turner-Jensen is a Wiradjuri woman from the river country in Central West NSW. Nola is proud of her Aboriginal background as well as the Irish and English heritage from her fathers side. Nola and her family have settled North of Brisbane in Qld for the last 20 years, where she studied and became an active social worker, working with Indigenous youth. Nola is married and mother to 5 children and established the first Indigenous focused Children's company in Australia just five years ago, and is still the only company of its type in Queensland. In that time Nola has produced & designed a wide selection of Indigenous focused educational resources and toys.

Paperback, 30 Pages.