Yellow Walka Bangle

Featuring Artwork by Murray George

Cross cultural project - handpainted lacquerware using recycled materials and generating royalties to Aboriginal Artists.

'Nganampa Walka' by Murray George. For every song we paint a different Walka (design). There is Emu, Maku (witchetty grub) Waru (Fire) and Wanampi (Rainbow Serpent). This Walka is mainly painted on the body. On the left is a wati's walka (initiated man's design). We can see it and know what song he is dancing for. This Walka is mainly for Wanampi. When we see this painting we know it is a song for Wanampi. Wanampi is the mystical snake often guarding waterholes. They can be summonsed by Ngangkari's (Traditional Healers) and have many powers. On the right hand side of the painting is the minyma's walka - the women's design that is painted on the chest and arms.