Aboriginal and TSI Design

Handpainted Lacquerware Coaster Set

Artist: Imiyari Adamson

Set of 6 Handmade Coasters.

Handmade using recycled paper, traditional Kashmiri handicrafts are united with Aboriginal designers.

Story: 'Ernabella Mission Days - Bush Holiday' by Imiyari Adamson. This painting is from a series Imiyari has created about her childhood at Ernabella Mission, from the 1950s onwards. The paintings are a unique insight to the lives of Anangu at this time. Imiyari lived a traditional childhood which slowly began to change when her family moved to Ernabella mission. The rich landscape and animals depicted in these works illustrate the importance of nature for Anangu. Imiyari paints these works with much affection. She describes this time as ngayuku tjukupa, mulapa, (her true stories) when Anangu lived very well, there was no sickness and she was very happy. Anangu are on the move for a bush holiday. They are taking their packs with mai, flour, billy cans. They are walking - Tjina ananyi. Anangu are often moving and travelling, for ceremony and to visit sacred places. It is important for culture, for inma, for taking care of country and collecting bush tucker at the right time.
Story: 'Wala Wuru - Eagle Dreaming Inma' by Andy Tjilari. Andy describes this painting as Wala Wuru Inma. This inma (ceremony/dance/song) is performed by two men. One happy man is singing and dancing. The other man is creeping up behind him with a spear. He throws the spear at the man but misses deliberately, it is all for the performance (he is family!) This dance is a celebration of the eagle.

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