Recycled Materials

Rockhole Design Pen Tray

Artist: Amari Tjalkuri


Lacquerware Pen Trays measure 7 x 22 x 2 cm

Handmade using recycled paper, traditional Kashmiri handicrafts are united with Aboriginal designers.

Artwork Story: 'Walka Tjukula - Rockhole design' by Amari Tjalkuri. Artists from across the APY Lands have become well known for painting walka, a semi-abstract style of painting. Walka describes any meaningful mark or pattern that is painted on the body during inma (ceremony), on rocks or cave walls, and drawn into the sand in a storytelling game known as milpatjunani. Inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape, Amari depicts tjukula -rockholes. Kapi (water) is very important for anyone living in the desert and it is valuable to know where you can find it. This knowledge is passed on through storytelling, songs, and dance, as well as paintings.