Pashmina Scarf Large

Artwork by Mulykuya Ken. 75 x 208cm

Story: 'Walka - Ngintaka (Perentie Lizard Design)' by Mulykuya Ken. This painting is a part of a series Mrs Ken has been working on. She is a talented emerging artist and works at the Better World Arts Studios. The story is one that is very usual for Mrs Ken, that of the ngintaka or perentie lizard. The perentie is an important figure in creation stories, and is the totem of Mrs Ken's father - he was custodian of the Ngintaka Tjukurpa (dreaming story). She has traditional permission to paint these stories, and the perentie itself. This painting is a detailed look at the textured skin of the perentie. Mrs Ken’s lively images reflect the physical and cultural landscape of her homeland in the desert which is rich in wildlife and colour, changing with the seasons. As a senior traditional woman, Mulykuya is custodian of the Ngintaka Tjukurpa (Perentie Lizard Dreaming) and also has an intimate knowledge of the Seven Sisters, Piltati and other big tjukurpa stories from the APY Lands.