Aboriginal and TSI Handcrafted

Australian Red Curry

Comes with a Recipe for Red curry Cauliflower Soup

Australian Red Curry:  This Australian Red Curry with bush tomato and native pepper is an exotic taste experience and would be a winner at any dinner party... there is a recipe inside the pack.

All of these Australian curries are Gluten Free and incorporate traditional curry flavours with Australian bush herbs.

Inside each pack are recipe ideas, including dukkas, soups and great bush curries.

They are ready to go for a quick and easy meal, just add meat, fish, chicken or vegetables and cook together.

They are not super hot, so are suitable for children or those who prefer a milder curry without the heat.

If you prefer a hotter curry just add some chilli.

There are no artificial colours, flavours, anti caking agents or preservatives added to these mixes.