Aboriginal and TSI Handcrafted

Bush Curry Blend

Ideal for Lamb with a recipe Inside the Pack

Outback Bush Curry: A great Aussie Curry, a good all-rounder, a good one for the pot around the camp fire. There is a LAMB CURRY RECIPE INSIDE THE PACK..

Ingredients include native pepper, wattleseed and aniseed myrtle, blended with traditional curry flavours - gluten free.

Inside each pack are recipe ideas, including dukkas, soups and great bush curries.

They are ready to go for a quick and easy meal, just add meat, fish, chicken or vegetables and cook together.

They are not super hot, so are suitable for children or those who prefer a milder curry without the heat.

If you prefer a hotter curry just add some chilli.

There are no artificial colours, flavours, anti caking agents or preservatives added to these mixes.